Working on my new painting entitled – “Looking for a bird to kill”

It’s raining heavily in KL today….  I have the mood to paint. Here’s a preview of my new painting entitled “Looking for a bird to kill” 😀 Have a nice Saturday everyone!!!”


Preview of my new Painting entitled – “Hehe… I just burnt my school”

While I was chilling at my sofa earlier today doing my sketching, I had an idea for a new painting…. A funny thought crossed my mind and I just let my hands do the talking – “Here’s the preview………” 😀

THEY Basic = Ink Drawing Project.

“THEY BASIC” is about going back to the fundamentals of all art forms – “I strive to capture the feelings and emotions of my Graffiti style in the fine detailing of myartworks whereby excessive usage of colors is not essential and it is striped to the bare minimum; that’s when the concept and strength of an artwork shines through.”
“My artworks for this series is done using Chinese Black Ink with brush on water color acid free paper.”

The First series of THEY BASIC will be introduced in Limited Edition Prints on selected mediums througha range of techniques; such as silk screen on fabric and Digital Print on canvas or paper..

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