I got this Photo from Google… YESS that is hand painted by me.. My artwork.

I was looking for something on the net and look what i found… :)..First time viewing it and i was like WOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!…. this is MY HUMUNGOUS GRAFFITI STYLE ARTWORK from the air which i was commissioned to do for Malaysian Pavilion for the Shanghai World Expo. ( i don’t own the copyrights of this photograph )i


Working on new graff artwork ”Mono” series.

For the past few years, i’ve been doing conventional multi colored graffiti artworks… I’ve been exploring my own color schemes and techniques to create my so called visual  communication…. mono series is my new journey and exploration. These are a few of my latest Mono tone artworks. Enjoy 🙂

Jakarta, Indonesia Graffiti Holiday

Last year i visited Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. Enjoying myself by meeting new friends and i had many adventures :).. My friend ‘Dull Boy’ (local writer) said that if we got caught bombing, we would be beaten like crazy by their police before headed into jail.. no mercy dude :)… enjoy my piece in Jakarta.


THEY X DELL & Microsoft – Commission Graffiti Artwork

😀 Wootwooooot!!! Here’s my collaborative Graffiti Artwork for DELL & Microsoft Malaysia recently…. It was a HUGE event in the center of Kuala Lumpur City….

It was a really hot day! There were lots of people and tourists too with many on-going activities, designer booths and there was even a fashion show… There was skateboarding and B-Boys and lots of other cool stuff – It was CRAZY and caused a massive jam, but I’m good and was totally focused in completing my Artwork so I could get out from the crowd as soon as possible.

It was a great event….. Ooooo, I went back with a new DELL laptop – how cool is that!!! 😀

Some of my fav graffiti artwork

Untitled Small Piece 2011


My fav piece i dedicate to my mom.. this piece titled is Mak mean mom in malay language. did this in 2010 valentine day 🙂


THEY x Malaysia Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo

*below is the Video of my Graffiti Malaysian Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo project..


Artwork for National Art Gallery Malaysia 2011


kebaya longgar 2010————————————————————————————————-

THEY x Bibichun for Meeting Of Style Malaysia 2010, Titled ‘Dua Alam’.————————————————————————————————-

Lalang tak menang 2010


Banyak cantik 2010————————————————————————————————-

Black Magic 2010